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This series is dedicated to materials of those scientific directions which correspond to the Nomenclature of Scientists Specialties (in the sphere of natural and technical sciences).  This series shows preference for the papers devoted to various problems of these sciences applied to Civil Engineering and Architecture.

Main directions: Mathematics, Mechanics, Physics, Chemical Sciences and Technologies, biological sciences, sciences of the Earth, Geology and Mineralogy, technical sciences, Civil Engineering, Fine Arts, Arts and Crafts, Architecture, Technical Aesthetics and Design, methods of teaching natural and engineering sciences in higher school.

Scientific Editor of the Series — V.T. Fomichev,  Doctor of Technical Science, Professor, Head of Department of Chemistry, VSUACE

Civil Engineering Informatics

This series is dedicated to the informatization of architecture, engineering sciences and construction.

Main directions: Modeling of Construction Physical Processes, Computational Mechanics, Computational Management and Real Estate Management, Computational Geometry and the System of Computer Aided Design, Structural Design.

Scientific Editor of the Series — V.V. Galishnikova, Candidate of  Technical Science, PhD, Assistant Professor, Professor of the Department of Structural Mechanics, Chief of the International Department, VSUACE.

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