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Editorial Council of the Journal

Chairman of the Editorial Board Doctor of Technical Science, Professor A.N. Bogomolov

Editorial Council Members

  • Candidate of Technical Science, Docent V.I. Vorobiov (Executive Secretary of the Editorial Board) (VolgGASU);
  • Honoured Worker of Science and Technology of RF, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Science (RAASN) Doctor of Technical Science, Professor P.A. Abasov (DalNII RAASN);
  • Candidate of Technical Science, Professor V.I. Atopov;
  • Doctor of Technical Science, Professor S.M. Baboyev (Samarkand State Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering);
  • Doctor of Technical Science, Prof. Yu.I. Bik (NSAWT, Novosibirsk);
  • Honoured Builder of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Doctor of Technical Science, Prof. A.L. Gotman (BashNIIstroi, Ufa);
  • Candidate of Technical Science, Prof. M.M. Devyatov (VolgGASU);
  • Academician of RAASN, Doctor of Science in Architecture, Professor G.V. Esaulov (Moscow Institute of Architecture);
  • President of Kazakhstan Geotechnical Society, Doctor of Technical Science, Prof. A.Zh. Zhusupbekov (ENU named after L.N. Gumilev, Astana);
  • Honoured Worker of Science and Technology of RF, Councillor of RAASN, Doctor of Technical Science, Prof. V.A. Ignatiev (VolgGASU);
  • Doctor of Technical Science, Prof. L. Kaytar (Budapest, Hungary);
  • Doctor of Technical Science, Prof. Yu. Krop (Maribor, Republic of Slovenia);
  • Doctor of Science in Architecture, Prof. E.B. Morozova (BNTU, Minsk);
  • Academician of RAEN, Doctor of Technical Science, Prof. A.D. Potapov (MGSU);
  • Doctor of Technical Science, Prof. Z.G. Ter-Martirosyan (MGSU);
  • Academician of RAASN, Doctor of Technical Science, Prof. E.M. Chernyshov, Head of the Central Division of RAASN (VSUACE, Voronezh);
  • Doctor of Technical Science, Prof. V.M. Shumyacher (VolgGASU, VISTech)).

Editoral board members

  • associate editor — Candidate of Engineering Science A.V. Zhidelev;
  • executive editor — chief of PPD M.L. Peschanaya;
  • science editor “Stroitelnaya informatika” — Doctor of Physical and mathematical Sciences, professor B.Kh. Sanzhapov

3. Articles are reviewed in the following way:

1) external review is required in the package of accompanying forms at the stage of submitting the article to the Editorial Department;

2) peer review through the involvement of the members of Editorial Council and Board;

3) if it is necessary, the article is additionally sent to another internal or external reviewer;

4) conclusion of Editorial Board.

4. Post-graduate students are not charged for the publication of articles.

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