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Thematic sections

  1. Art History
    articles: 1
  2. Chemical Sciences and Technologies
    articles: 10
  3. Computational Geometry and CAD systems
    articles: 2
  4. Computational Mechanics
    articles: 10
  5. Construction and maintenance of oil-and-gas pipelines, petroleum storage depots and reservoirs
    articles: 8
  6. Construction Materials and Products
    articles: 74
  7. Design, construction and operation of highways, underground, aerodromes, bridges and transport tunnels
    articles: 27
  8. Ecological issues related to urban planning
    articles: 18
  9. Ecological issues related to urban planning. Industrial ecology
    articles: 16
  10. Engineering Geometry and Computer Graphics
    articles: 2
  11. Engineering structures, buildings and constructions
    articles: 90
  12. General and regional Geology
    articles: 6
  13. Geodesy. Engineering Geodesy
    articles: 10
  14. Heat supply, ventilation, air conditioning, gas supply and lightning
    articles: 51
  15. Hydraulic Engineering
    articles: 4
  16. Innovations in construction, intensification, energy saving and energy efficiency
    articles: 9
  17. Life Safety in Construction. Labour Protection
    articles: 28
  18. Mathematics. Mathematic modeling, numerical methods and program systems
    articles: 48
  19. Modeling of physical processes in construction
    articles: 18
  20. Nanotechnologies
    articles: 2
  21. Physics
    articles: 25
  22. Problems of higher professional education organization in the sphere of civil engineering and architecture. Teaching methods for disciplines of construction and architectural branches of learning in institution of higher education
    articles: 25
  23. Quantum Chemistry. Nanotechnology
    articles: 1
  24. Structural Mechanics
    articles: 6
  25. Technology and organization of construction
    articles: 20
  26. Theory and history of architecture, restoration and reconstruction of historical and architectural heritage
    articles: 35
  27. Thermal Physics. Thermal Engineering
    articles: 7
  28. Urban planning. Theory of urban development. Control of over investment and urban planning activity
    articles: 21
  29. Water supply, sewerage system, engineering systems for water resources protection
    articles: 36

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Archive of Issues:

Quantum Chemistry. Nanotechnology

1(8), 2009. Series: Multi-Topic
Babkin V. A.
Algorithms of quantum chemistry nanotechnology

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