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Technology and organization of construction

1. UDK: 621.7:620.178.162
Klochkov D. P.
Choice technique of rational conditions of part process for the purpose of workpiece surface wear resistance increase

Heat supply, ventilation, air conditioning, gas supply and lightning

2. UDK: 536.24
Pavlyukov V. P., Fokin V. M., Batsura A. V.
Research of operation of the autonomous universal fuel furnace - a boiler for heating of premises

3. UDK: 502.175:692.23:699.86
Fokin V. M., Kovylin A. V.
Ecologically safe nondestructing method of definition of thermalphysic properties of construction materials and articles in winter period

4. UDK: 621.311.22:504+69:502
Fokin V. M., Kushch L. R.
Increase of the environmental safety of heat supply sistems in housing and communal services

Water supply, sewerage system, engineering systems for water resources protection

5. UDK: 628.17
Moskvicheva Y. V., Komarov A. Y., Romanov V. A., Sakharova N. A., Shchelochkova A. A.
Water saving in utilities on the example of Volgograd

6. UDK: 628.11
Sakharova N. A., Komarov A. Y., Romanov V. A., Akimov O. Y., Moskvicheva Y. V.
Assesment of hydroeconomic environment in the cut of the basins of the main surface water bodies in the territory of the Volgograd region

Life Safety in Construction. Labour Protection

7. UDK: 502.17:728
Seleznev M. G.
Providing of environmental safety at construction of residential buildings in compact build-up area

8. UDK: 69.05:502.3:504.5
Zyryanov V. V.
Improvement of assessment procedure of the air environment pollution of building site

9. UDK: 502.171:69:622.012
Polyakov I. V.
Main ways of improvement of environmental protection measures during construction of modern large industrial complex

Urban planning. Theory of urban development. Control of over investment and urban planning activity

10. UDK: 711(4/9)
Sheina S. G., Matveyko R. B.
Calculations of functional specialization of the lands during design and realization of schemes of territorial development of the subject of the Russian Federation

11. UDK: 711.4
Sheina S. G., Babenko L. L.
Information-analytical supply of the system of perspective placement planning of educational institutions during the reconstruction of urban areas

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