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Theory and history of architecture, restoration and reconstruction of historical and architectural heritage

1. UDK: 725.5/719
Ptichnikova G. A., Antyufeeva O. A.
The hidden monuments (about little-known objects of a cultural heritage of the post-war Stalingrad)

2. UDK: 72.036
Nadyrshine L. I.
Urban space as sign-and-text landscape (by the example of Australian cities)

3. UDK: 69.059.7
Kichev S. N., Dotsenko A. G.
Main prerequisites for reconstruction of buildings (constructions)

4. UDK: 712.01
Goncharov M. N.
Main stylistic stages of city square development and architecture-and-landscape techniques as a norm of their aesthetic expressiveness

5. UDK: 719:72(470.45)
Serebryanaya V. V.
Problems of preservation of architectural heritage of Kamyshin city

Urban planning. Theory of urban development. Control of over investment and urban planning activity

6. UDK: 711.1
Yushkova N. G., Dolotova Y. A., Terekhova I. P.
Formation of technologies for the solution of strategic problems of spatial development of urban planning systems

Hydraulic Engineering

7. UDK: 621.43:517
Vinokurov A. A.
Simulation mathematical models for the analysis of non-stationary processes of water flow on slope lands

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