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Engineering structures, buildings and constructions

1. Retling E. V.
Index estimation of the impact noise insulation by means of building floors

2. Kovylin A. V., Fokin V. M.
Determination of the thermal-physical properties of building envelope through the method of non-destructive test applying universal multichannel registration gauge of “Teplograf”

Design, construction and operation of highways, underground, aerodromes, bridges and transport tunnels

3. Tolstikov N. P.
Accounting for asymmetry of the experimental data in the modeling of the process of the reduction of asphalt concrete pavement evenness through Weibull distribution

Water supply, sewerage system, engineering systems for water resources protection

4. Kichev D. S., Kicheva T. D.
Issues of norm-setting for surface waste water quality

Geodesy. Engineering Geodesy

5. Latenko V. D., Sabitova T. A., Latenko D. V., Anopin V. N.
Application of electronic tachymeter for surveying works at mineral resources fields

6. Vostretsov V. I.
Accuracy estimation of the angle measurement in treiangulation

7. Storozhenko A. F.
To the question of the examination of vertical control benchmarks stability

Quantum Chemistry. Nanotechnology

8. Babkin V. A.
Algorithms of quantum chemistry nanotechnology

Theory and history of architecture, restoration and reconstruction of historical and architectural heritage

9. Vavilonskaya T. V.
Features and purpose of historical and cultural examination

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