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Mathematics. Mathematic modeling, numerical methods and program systems

1. UDK: 517.968.74
Bandurin N. G., Ignat'ev V. A.
Method and Algorithm for the solution of essentially nonlinear ordinary integro-differential equations

Geodesy. Engineering Geodesy

2. UDK: 528.46
Sobhi A. A.
Empirical formulae of variability of water vapor at different heights in the atmosphere of Egypt

3. UDK: 528.236
Vostretsov V. I.
Geodetic coordinate systems

General and regional Geology

4. UDK: 624.131
Olyanskiy Y. I.
Significance and role of the Geology cycle disciplines in the preparation of specialists –hydraulic engineers


5. UDK: 537.266.33
Sopit A. V., Burkhanov A. I., Sopit T. P., Shternberg A.
Influence of external deflecting electrical field on the pyroelectric response of PSN ferroelectric ceramics in the region of phase transition

Chemical Sciences and Technologies

6. UDK: 691.17
Kuznechikov O. A., Cherepanov A. A., Avdeyev S. A.
Analysis of the Synthesis of Polymeric Petroleum Resin in the Presence of Lewis Acids

Hydraulic Engineering

7. UDK: 626.82 (470.64)
Sozayev A. A., Tishchenko A. I.
To The Issue of the Evaluation of Lined Canals’ Reliability Level

8. UDK: 627.8.004.58
Vinokurov A. A.
To the question of applying cross constructions, mudflow flumes and slope terracing in the river-beds of mountainous watercourses of the upper Kuban river basin

Design, construction and operation of highways, underground, aerodromes, bridges and transport tunnels

9. UDK: 625.7
Aleksikov S. V., Kurdyukova L. E.
Resource intensity of road-building objects and ways of its reduction

Ecological issues related to urban planning

10. UDK: 669.1:502.3(470.45-25)
Vorobyev V. I., Bezuglov K. V.
Metallurgical manufacturing and the environmental situation in the city (by the example of ZAO VMZ "Krasny Oktyabr")

Technology and organization of construction

11. UDK: 622.242.2:861.3
Ushakov A. P., Savenya S. N., Savenya A. A.
Topicality of the problem of evaluation of pipeline system life

Engineering Geometry and Computer Graphics

12. UDK: 378.147:744
Ermilova N. Y.
Innovative graphic formation of the engineer: the targets, the maintenance, technologies

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