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Modeling of physical processes in construction

1. UDK: 621.43:517
Vinokurov A. A.
Simulation mathematical models for the analysis of non-stationary processes of water flow on slope lands

2. UDK: 621.928.9
Boguslavsky N. E.
Mathematical model for dedusting process of the embedded local exausts in the manufacturing of ceramic wall articles

3. UDK: 531.768:531.52
Samanov V. V.
Electronic semiautomatic device to measure free fall acceleration

Computational Mechanics

4. UDK: 624.072.2-023.711
Gabova V. V.
Influence of the numeration of the main system’s nodes and elements on the structure of the global response matrix, and the computation results of numerical implementation of the static analysis algorithm for plane rod systems applying the mixed form

5. Ignatiev A. V., Romashkin V. N.
Efficiency analysis of the methods for the solution of large sparse systems of linear algebraic equations

Engineering structures, buildings and constructions

6. UDK: 624.042.8
Kharlanov V. L.
Numerical investigation of seismoisolated systems

7. UDK: 622.242.2:861.3
Abramyan S. G., Savenya S. N., Ushakov A. P.
PipEst computational technology for the evaluation of main pipelines’ resource

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