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Engineering structures, buildings and constructions

1. UDK: 725.355:624.07
Oleynikov P. P., Oleynikova E. P., Gulevich D. K.
External enclosure system of large refrigeration plants’ buildings

Urban planning. Theory of urban development. Control of over investment and urban planning activity

2. UDK: 711.2:711.4.01
Djushew S. A., Sokolov I. I.
System as a mechanism of realizing topo-forms of settlement actuality

3. UDK: 711.523(470.45-25):625.712.63
Barsukov G. M.
Problems of automobile vehicles parking in a large city's business center (by the example of Volgograd city)

4. UDK: 711.13(470.45)
Sokolov I. I.
Analysis of state of Russian southern territories based on methods of spatial planning and their effective use taking into account recreation potential

Heat supply, ventilation, air conditioning, gas supply and lightning

5. UDK: 662.611.25
Fokin V. M., Batsura A. V.
Experimental investigation of the fuel-oxygen mode of fuel burning

6. UDK: 697.94:658
Gubanov I. D.
Improvement of systems of dust-removing ventilation of charge’s transfer groups in steel industry

7. UDK: 697.942
Samarskaya Y. G.
Perfection of systems of local exhaust ventilation with organized отсосом from the bunker zone of dust removal devices VZP

8. UDK: 628.5А
Smirnova L. I., Yudina O. V.
Issues of environment protection from ventilation emissions of small car enterprises’ pollutions

General and regional Geology

9. UDK: 551.761:549(1-925.22)
Grigoriev N. V.
Terrigenous-mineralogical provinces in the Triassic sediments of the western and south-western parts and border zone of the Caspian Sea region basin

Chemical Sciences and Technologies

10. UDK: 547.514.7:66.094.1
Kuznechikov O. A., Savelyev E. N., Mokhov V. M.
Raney-Nickel based selective restoration of Dicyclopentadiene over Hydrazine Hydrate Adamantane, Dicyclopentadiene, Hydrazine Hydrate - Raney-Nickel


11. UDK: 537.266.33
Bondarenko P. V., Burkhanov A. I., Raevskiy I. P.
Dielectric relaxation processes in 0.9NaNbO3-0.1Gd1/3NbO3 ceramics

12. UDK: 537.266.33
Pilipenko A. S., Burkhanov A. I., Ivleva L. I.
Acoustic properties of single-crystals SBN:Cr

Art History

13. UDK: 7.036(47)«366»
Malkova O. P.
Phenomenon of Post-War art

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