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Computational Geometry and CAD systems

1. UDK: 514.1:744
Bilchuk I.
Computational Geometry for Technical Drawings

Computational Mechanics

2. UDK: 004:69:378.016
Pahl P. J.
Computational civil engineering at VolgGASU

3. UDK: 681.5:624.072.2
Sorokina A. G.
Graphic representation of the results in the automated system for the analysis of plane grid systems

4. UDK: 681.5:624.072.2-41
Atkin A. V.
Design and Implementation of an Automated System for the Analysis of Plane Grid Systems with the help of Object-Oriented Method

Modeling of physical processes in construction

5. UDK: 681.5:628.2
Khemich A. Y., Atkin A. V.
Solution Stages and Implementation of the Automated Systems Aimed at Designing Waste Water Treatment Systems

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