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Water supply, sewerage system, engineering systems for water resources protection

1. UDK: 628.316.12:665.7
Moskvicheva Y. V., Bykov A. A., Aleksikov A. Y., Gerashchenko A. A.
Improving the performance efficiency of treatment facilities for oily water effluent

Heat supply, ventilation, air conditioning, gas supply and lightning

2. UDK: 666.198:628.511.123
Kabayeva I. V., Shestakov A. G., Artyukhin A. S.
On the dissemination and settling-out of dust particles smaller than 10 mkm in the horizontal turbulent stream

3. UDK: 628.474.32
Cherkasov A. V.
Performance stability of burners in the open furnaces of portable gas-consuming aggregates

Thermal Physics. Thermal Engineering

4. UDK: 536.212.2
Fokin V. M., Lepilov V. I.
Investigation of the thermal conductivity while heating the systems with multilayer screening

5. UDK: 536.24
Batsura A. V., Fokin V. M.
Suppression of the nitrogen oxide and benzapilene emissions while burning natural gas in heat-generators

6. UDK: 536.212.2
Lepilov V. I., Likholetov O. V., Boykov G. P.
Experimental way of determining the warm-up period of the spherical layer depending on the thermal flow density

Construction Materials and Products

7. UDK: 691.327
Goncharova M. A., Shorstov A. M.
Investigation of the slag aggregates’ influence on the properties of foam polymer concretes

Ecological issues related to urban planning. Industrial ecology

8. UDK: 711.4
Ganzha O. A., Kositsyna E. S.
Characteristic features of the acoustic mode formation at the city traffic junctions

9. UDK: 669.1:502.3(470.45-25)
Averkova S. A., Bezuglov K. V.
Metallurgical manufacturing and the environmental situation in the city (by the example of ZAO VMZ «KRASNY OKTYABR»)

Construction and maintenance of oil-and-gas pipelines, petroleum storage depots and reservoirs

10. UDK: 622.242.2:861.3
Savenya S. N., Savenya A. A., Ushakov A. P.
Diagnostics methods for stress-corrosion damage of pipe steel

11. UDK: 622.242.2:861.3
Savenya S. N., Savenya A. A.
Ways of decreasing the stress-corrosion damageability of operating gas pipelines

12. UDK: 621.643.053
Abramyan S. G.
Optimal sectors of main pipelines for reconstruction and capital repairs

Problems of higher professional education organization in the sphere of civil engineering and architecture. Teaching methods for disciplines of construction and architectural branches of learning in institution of higher education

13. UDK: 378.14:744+744
Yermilova N. Y., Protsenko O. V.
Graphics subjects within the vocational training system of engineers

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