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Engineering structures, buildings and constructions

1. UDK: 534.833.522.4:692
Retling E. V.
Air noise insulation with help of one-layer external walling with through porosity

Construction Materials and Products

2. UDK: 666.973.6
Vesova L. M.
Characteristic features of curing of fibre-reinforced aerated concrete exposed to thermal treatment

Geodesy. Engineering Geodesy

3. UDK: 528.024.1
Vostretsov V. I.
Geodetic support of construction


4. Belonenko M. B., Demushkina Y. V.
Long-lived polarization states in ferroelectrics with disproportionate phase

5. UDK: 527.266.33
Bondarenko P. V., Burkhanov A. I., Ivleva L. I.
Influence of gamma irradiation on the Low-Frequency and Very-Low-Frequency dielectric properties of SBN-75* monocrystal

6. UDK: 539.26:537.226
Galiyarova N. M., Pozdnyakov A. P.
Fractal regularities of amplitude-frequency characteristics of repolarization of deuterated triglycine sulfate in very-low-frequency fields

7. UDK: 537.226.4
Nesterov V. N.
Modeling laminated ferroelectrics with various thickness of Perovskite-like layers

8. UDK: 535.42
Popov E. S.
Ray theory of light diffraction

9. UDK: 537.266.33
Sopit A. V., Burkhanov A. I.
Influence of measurement modes on the low-frequency and very-low-frequency dielectric response of Ferro ceramics 0,89PMN-0,11PZT

10. UDK: 530.18, 535.14
Sochnev I. V., Belonenko M. B.
Ultra-short laser impulse in the two-layer medium with the Stark effect

11. UDK: 539:537.226.4
Shevyakov P. V., Zhoga L. V.
Interrelation of distributions of resistance and durability for polycrystalline ferroceramics

12. UDK: 378.147:001.76:53
Vasilyeva L. A.
Laboratory work on computer modeling of automobile braking and on determining the accelerations of wheels’ locking

13. UDK: 378.147:53
Nadolinskaya Y. G.
The course of physics in the system of the professional mobility formation of the technical universities’ graduates

14. UDK: 378.147:001.76:53
Cherkasova L. I., Vasilyeva L. A.
Experience of applying individual tasks in order to increase motivation for studying physics

Chemical Sciences and Technologies

15. UDK: 628.34
Strepetov I. V., Moskvicheva Y. V.
Using sorbents based on the polymer materials’ waste products for the purpose of eliminating oil contaminants from waste water

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