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Kuznechikov, Oleg Alexandrovich
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Savelyev, Evgeny Nikolayevich
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Mokhov, Vladimir Mikhailovich
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Issue: 1(5), 2008. Series: Multi-Topic

Raney-Nickel based selective restoration of Dicyclopentadiene over Hydrazine Hydrate Adamantane, Dicyclopentadiene, Hydrazine Hydrate - Raney-Nickel

UDK: 547.514.7:66.094.1

Kuznechikov O. A., Savelyev E. N., Mokhov V. M.

It is shown possibility of the use the hydrogenation system of hydrazine hydrate and Raney nickel for producing dihydroderivative from dicyclopentadiene with addition of the hydrogen to the double bond between 8 and 9 carbon atoms.

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