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Fokin, Vladimir Mikhailovich
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Batsura, Alexandr Vitalievich
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Issue: 1(5), 2008. Series: Multi-Topic

Experimental investigation of the fuel-oxygen mode of fuel burning

UDK: 662.611.25

Fokin V. M., Batsura A. V.

The authors have developed a construction of an experimental plant aimed at practical proof of efficiency of fuel-oxygen energy source applying water-heating fire-tube-fumivorous boiler КСВа-2,0 Гс ВК-21.

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UDK: 697.94:658
Gubanov I. D.
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UDK: 697.942
Samarskaya Y. G.
Perfection of systems of local exhaust ventilation with organized отсосом from the bunker zone of dust removal devices VZP

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Smirnova L. I., Yudina O. V.
Issues of environment protection from ventilation emissions of small car enterprises’ pollutions

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