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Chulkov, Vitaly Olegovich
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Fakhratov, Viktor Mukhammetovich
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Belyaev, Alexey Vyacheslavovich
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Issue: 3(23), 2012. Series: Multi-Topic


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Chulkov V. O., Gazaryan R. K., Fakhratov V. M., Belyaev A. V.

In this article the authors describe the boundaries of the level of functioning of organizational and technological reliability (OTR) of the graded of the optimal values and areas of sub-optimal level of OTR functioning that need to be reorganized. Properties of the star’s multivariable models are used to help determine the levels of OTR functioning. In accordance with the regulations industrial enterprises are divided into four functional areas, each of which is assessed by multiple criteria. To determine the level of OTR functioning it is necessary use multi-parameter model in which the number of axles corresponds to the number of the evaluation criteria. A set of criteria for assessing the level of OTR functioning is separated by the homogeneity of trend indicators for the centripetal and centrifugal. Centripetal is an indicator which tends to zero, the optimal values of these indicators is the corridor from 0 to 0.2. Centrifugal — the level of OTR functioning of such indicators tends to unity, the optimal values corridor is 0.8 to 1. On the axes of a multi-parameter model, set aside the actual value of the parameter of OTR functioning area of polygons of the actual and of the references values correlate. As a reference value acts as the maximum value of this parameter, that is unit. Moreover, correlated multi-parameter’s models in accordance with the identified trends. To determine the total value of OTR functioning operation the formula of average values is used. Also the model of level of OTR functioning of industrial enterprises was created. The resulting value of the level of functioning of organizational and technological reliability of zones of the industrial enterprise, normalized in accordance with the law of the normal Gaussian distribution, where the optimal values of the corridor stands from 0.45 to 0.55 is presented. Indicators whose values do not fall into the corridor of optimal values need to be reorganized.

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